14 Hindu Marriage Ceremony Customs You Must Know

14 Hindu Marriage Ceremony Customs You Must Know

Know very well what traditions to expect and what they represent.


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Hindu wedding parties is vibrant, intricately planned, culture-rich festivities chock-full of occasion and customs. While the extremely substance of a Hindu wedding ceremony is the bodily, spiritual, and emotional union of two different people; additionally, it is regarding coming together of two families through prayer and function.

«A Hindu event is approximately the couple’s objectives while blending their family traditions,» describes Southern Asian wedding ceremony specialist Jignasa Patel. «with lots of traditions and mini ceremonies leading to the key ceremony time, it attach the happy couple and both people for eternity.»

Meet up with the Expert

Jignasa Patel is actually an event planner along with a decade of experience in the market. The woman is the President and inventive manager of K.I. Wedding events, a meeting preparing and style firm recognized for its knowledge of South Asian customs and flawless fusions with United states nuptial traditions.

It’s usual for visitors to put on standard Indian clothes, such saris or lenghas for ladies and long-sleeved tunics and pants for males. «Build each celebration outfit as you happened to be outdoing yourself from the latest event, save your own more glamorous ensemble during the day on the wedding service and reception,» claims Patel. If you want to opt for an even more Western alternative, understand that lady need her shoulders, legs, and from time to time weapon covered. Guys should put lengthy arm and long jeans. Both women and men have to bring something you should manage their unique heads throughout ceremony. Bold, vibrant shades become greatly urged, but make sure you steer clear of white (associated with funerals), black (considered unfortunate), and red (the color the bride wears).

The activities of a Hindu marriage usually occur during the span of 3 days with different events occurring every day.

The main ceremony and reception on 3rd time as well as the sangeet through the second time were attended by a lot of the friends. The Ganesh Pooja service that begins the wedding happenings throughout the first day is usually a romantic celebration with only near families in attendance. «be ready for early morning activities,» suggests Patel. «Hindu event celebrations are based on auspicious days predetermined and supplied by the priest.»

Bigger than the majority of Western wedding parties. «An intimate Hindu event can contain an average of 150 to 200 visitors,» says Patel. «you never best ask family and friends but, in certain cases, the entire area from your own home town. This number may lead into the plenty, even yet in the U.S.»

Traditionally, there is absolutely no kiss after a Hindu wedding ceremony through the predominantly conventional tradition. But this differs regarding the partners themselves as well as their people.

«It’s important for attendees to find out that there’s no liquor served or taken to the Hindu wedding party,» claims Patel. «The ceremony was impactful in a lot of religious customs and customs beginning at one-and-a-half hours respected into a three-hour-long ceremony.» While typically the wedding reception normally alcohol-free, many modern-day lovers and groups become busting away from this.

Merchandise are often perhaps not brought to a service, though this could differ. If you plan to gift something you should the couple, have it shipped for their house. The sole exception is if you intend to provide these with a monetary surprise, in which case this will be considering in an envelope during the wedding reception.

Continue reading to realize 14 event rituals you will encounter at a Hindu wedding ceremony and see the significance behind them.

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